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The #OwnYourEnye workbook is an unexpected, refreshing and interactive book about your personal relationship to Latino culture and identity.
Inside the workbook you'll get fun step-by-step challenges that will build your understanding, confidence and cultural self-awareness.

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Here are just a few of the reasons you'll love the #OwnYourEnye workbook...
1) Feel a hundred pounds lighter when you realize "perfect" Spanish doesn't define your Latino-ness 

2) Learn about Eñye moments (because they're everywhere)!

3) Learn how to feel comfortable talking culture (even with your not-so-woke co-workers).  

4) Participate in fun challenges that build a deeper connection with your homeland (even if you've only ever lived in Kansas).  

5) Challenges at the end of every chapter to help you overcome obstacles that have been getting in your way (like getting your tia's famous posole recipe or understanding your self-talk around what you consider beautiful) 

There is nothing better than discovering strengths you never realized you had!

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You also will get TWO FREE VIEWS of our Award Winning Documentary "Being Eñye".
A Sneak Peak at the Workbook
Chapter 1:
FOOD - How do common experiences around food effect our cultural outlook?

Chapter 2:
LANGUAGE - How does our self-confidence around Language affect our Feeling of Inclusiveness in both cultures.

Chapter 3:
REPRESENTATION - How does "How we are Raised" affect our cultural experiences? 

Chapter 4:
PATRIA -  How does our connection to our Homeland effect our current cultural identity?

Chapter 5:
AUTHENTIC VOICE - How do we present ourselves in the public areas of life like school or work?

Chapter 6:
CULTURE- How do we keep our Latino culture alive in our homes, in our hearts, and pass it on to the next generation?

Chapter 7:
SELF LOVE - How can we overcome and transcend guilt, shame and other ways we hold ourselves back, and move towards love. much more valuable insights for Eñyes!
A Latina filmmaker, cultural storyteller and transformational speaker Denise Soler Cox is dedicated to helping individuals, organizations and companies transform how we experience culture, identity, and belonging. She’s built a reputation for being a speaker who has the rare ability to shine a light on a sensitive and often ignored topic, with extraordinary clarity, honesty, and humor. 

Her approach not only inspires and provokes new ways of thinking but most importantly leaves audiences inspired to take action and incorporate positive change into their lives.

She is a distinguished member of the 4th cohort of the Stanford Latino Leaders Entrepreneur Program and was recently chosen as a National Association of Latino Independent Producers 2017 Fellow.

She has been the featured speaker in places like Facebook, LinkedIn, KPMG, The Smithsonian Latino Center, Genentech, Girls Inc., Partners Healthcare, Yale University, Wellesley College, Google, Proctor & Gamble’s Orgullosa, Tedx, Starbucks, Salesforce, PG&E, PBWC and VaynerMedia to name a few.

Her work with Project Eñye has been featured on, CNN, NBC Latino, Telemundo, Univision, Fox News Latino, Huff Post and more.
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